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Thread: Hold List Suggestion

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    Default Hold List Suggestion

    I have a suggestion for the hold queue on CWS5. It would be a lot quicker if i could just click on where is says the number of copies and change that number without ever going into the properties menu. I know its only i few more clicks but it would save me time in the long run.

    Or even maybe change the tray selection or anything else that is displayed in the hold queue.

    Let me know if you guys think this would be helpful and maybe the guys over at Fiery would try to make it work.

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    Thumbs up Approved!

    Too right! Now where did they put that CWS5 Wish List?

    Couldn't agree more - though I suspect there will be some reason why job properties can't be amended from the hold queue.
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    Default Good suggestions!

    Thanks for the feedback, these are great ideas. And yes, we are listening

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