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Thread: "spot screen" printing

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    Default "spot screen" printing

    Customer desires to print using scalable spot screen with large dots for newspaper reproduction. Equip is Canon iRC5180 w/ imagePass H1 ver 1.1. iMac environment running OS X ver 5. Can this be done? Through halftone? Also, I have seen requests for user manuals but don't see a source for Canon based applications. M/c was purchased used so original discs etc are absent. Thanks

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    Default you have to check this

    you can check this, please open the driver ,then under Printing prefrences ,then Image,then half tone simulation , select Newsprint
    the result will be big dots like newspaper

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    We have a feature on the Fiery called Halftone Simulation.
    This feature allows a user to simulate, with reasonable accuracy, the final dots that will be imaged on films or plates for offset printing. Haltone Simulation feature allows users to print in halftone mode.

    With the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, the user is able to define custom screening functions which will be applied to their print jobs wherein they can enter frequency values for each color channel.

    With regard to the Canon manuals, the Fiery models allow you to download documentation and client software directly from the Fiery server itself. On-line downloads are preferable because they offer you the latest versions. Downloads from the server, when supported, are offering you versions matching your installation.

    To download from your Fiery server, log on to the color server by using its name or IP address.

    How? In your browser, type "http://" immediately followed by the name or the IP address of your Fiery server.
    You can also connect to the Fiery server as you would to other file servers on your network. For instance, with Windows, in the “Start / Run” text box, type two backslashes immediately followed by the name or IP address of your Fiery server.

    TIP: if asked for a user name and password, these are by default “Administrator” and “Fiery.1”. If these have been changed, you’ll have to ask your administrator!
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