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I appreciate the value of Quite Imposing for printing on large format printers without a Fiery, but when using a Fiery, I'd recommend the using the integrated Booklet Maker or SeeQuence Impose tools to get the best output.
That might be true on high-volume machines but when talking about mid-range copiers (Xerox 4110, DC240/250), the SeeQuence application doesn't offer a better workflow for many "common" jobs. There is, for example, the "Step and Repeat" function in Quite Imposing which enables you to set up business cards with a just a few clicks.

Another argument would be the "Trim and Shift" function which enables us to fix the registration for duplex prints (which includes booklets). As tray alignment is far to inaccurate and the drivers built-in shift functions ofter suffer from the way, Acrobat rotates and centers print jobs, this function saves us a lot of money.

Maybe everyone should try which application is best for their daily business