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Thread: Canon Eye One Process Control profiles

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    Default Canon Eye One Process Control profiles

    On Canon imagePRESS devices users can create their own ICC profiles using Eye One Process Control. What will happen with the calibration target when you use an ICC profile from this application as an output profile?

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    Default Calibration targets when importing output profiles

    The Eye One Process Control software is not from EFI... I cannot comment on it. But let me still try to help you by describing what happens when output profiles are imported into an imagePRESS in regards to calibration targets.

    Output profiles, once installed in an imagePress, always include a ColorWise calibration target. This calibration target is a look-up table containing, for each output color, the percent to density values that a calibrated printer must deliver in its calibrated state, for this output profile to be valid.

    At this time, there are two types of calibration for imagePRESS systems, To know which type applies to you, look at the “Calibration Set” menu when ColorWise Pro Tools Calibrator is connected to your imagePRESS. If only one calibration set is listed, your system fits the first description.

    One class of imagePRESS is designed to be calibrated using only one reference paper. These servers include only one calibration set of measurements, therefore only one calibration target, which must be updated (calibrated) using the reference paper. Once this type of printer is calibrated using the reference paper, you can feed any other paper, create an output profile for it, install the output profile in the imagePRESS, and print using this new output profile. With these systems, you do not have to be concerned with the calibration target: there is only one; it can’t be wrong!

    Another class of imagePress (and Most Fierys) can be calibrated and profiled using any paper. These systems support many calibration sets of measurements and many calibration targets. With these systems, you should use the same paper for both calibration and profiling. Be careful if importing profiles created with applications other than the EFI Printer Profiler in these systems! When importing an output profile that does not include a ColorWise calibration target, a copy of the calibration target contained in the imagePRESS default output profile is automatically assigned. Before profiling and importing a new profile from a generic profiler, the key is therefore to set, as default, an output profile which has the desired calibration target.

    Note that profiles created by EFI Printer Profiler do not have these restrictions. Optimized settings for your printer are automatically loaded. when you select to profile an imagePRESS or any Fiery model. All settings are preset, from items like GCR to the automatic embedding of a ColorWise calibration target inside the profile.

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