Do profiles go bad and how often should I profile?

Customers often ask how long a profile lasts and how often they should create a new one. The profile itself - an electronic data file essentiallt - while sitting on your Fiery does not change from one day to the next.

The devices they represent however, can change numerous times over a given period. If your profile worked well one day and then poorly the next, something has changed, either the workflow or the device itself. In the case of a printer this is most often caused by a change in the status of the engine, the paper, the toner or the ambient conditions (heat, humidity etc.)

When your print profile was first created, a certain CMYK combination produced a certain Lab color. All the profile knows is that relationship and if anything changes the color produced, then the profile is no longer appropriate for the printer.

The first thing to check is the calibration. The calibration aims to return the engine to the state it was in when the profile was created.

The next thing to do is to ensure that you are consistently selecting the correct Fiery workflows. Unfortunately this is not so easy to do as most people do not remember how a profile was made.

If you are using Color Profiler Suite to make the printer profiles you can use Verifier to check the printed output against the printer profile.