Is Colorprofiler Suite a Free Software Download?
[Sharon Henley] There is a free demo mode from – The software needs to be licensed to work.

Does Colorprofiler Suite only work with ES1000 EFI Spectrophotometer (ie not an X-Rite Eye One or other)?
[Sharon Henley] Officially only ES-1000 but an EyeOne user could buy a CPS standalone license and activate it.

Can a customer just buy an ES1000, download the software from the EFI website and pair it with the ES1000?
[Sharon Henley] EFI sells the ES-1000 stand alone, which customers purchase, or it is bundled with a Fiery driven engine for example. At a later date a user can purchase the CPS software only.

How many different types of ES1000 are there?
[Sharon Henley] There are two versions of the ES-1000, one with a UV filter and one without a UV filter. THere are revisions "Revs"; Rev B,C,D. Rev D is the one shipping today.

Will any ES1000 pair up with a new ColorProfiler Suite or is it only the new ones that don’t need a license key to be entered to pair up?
[Sharon Henley] All Color Profiler Suites need a license. Prior to July 2008 each CPS came with an EAC code that had to be manually paired with the ES-1000.

Since July 2008 all CPS v2.2.0.10 were shipped with the ES-1000 serial number already associated with a license so when they install the software and plug in the ES-1000 it will automatically browse to the web site to get the license.