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Thread: Where do I get more information on CWS5?

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    Lightbulb Where do I get more information on CWS5?

    You can go to to find the following information:
    - Online training: Flash modules (with audio) that demonstrate different aspects of CWS5
    - How To: demo script that show how to utilize different workflows within the Fiery
    - FAQ: questions that have been raised by existing customers about the interface.

    You can also get information directly from the Help menu in CWS5, including:
    - Help: assistance with the different features of CWS5
    - What's New: a look at the improvements from CWS4 to CWS5
    - How To: a link to the How To demo scripts on

    EFI's training department is leveraging existing technology, by posting short Fiery SeeQuence trainings in YouTube.

    Fiery SeeQuence Impose:
    ***** highlights: gang-up imposition for business cards, calendar imposition, imposition automation, save as pdf.

    Fiery SeeQuence Compose:
    ***** highlights: document merge, tab printing, mixed media settings.

    Fiery SeeQuence Suite:
    ***** highlights: document merge, application of imposition template, mixed media settings and chapter starts.

    Or go to and search for Fiery SeeQuence

    We will continue to keep our Fiery forum community informed, as additional training materials are available.
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