I've run into a few questions that I know I'm not the only to ask so here it goes.

Question #1: "Color character edge enhancement"

Can we have clear documentation with images and examples for the feature as currently I have not found any customer facing documentation at all and I'm not the only one wanting some good documentation.

Question #2: "Area offset of white trapping"

What does this mean exactly? Can we have some images or example? I've never encountered this problem so far.

Question #3: "Emphasize gloss"
Emphasize gloss is a print option in Job Properties that allows you to increase the dry ink limit for Clear, relative
to CMYK.
By how much? I've not really seen any difference. Can we get a more detailed answer on this please?

Question #4: "Specialty Color Productivity Threshold sheets"

Specialty Color Productivity Threshold (sheets)
Specify the number of sheets, on which you want to limit the usage of specialty color. A specialty color is an additional color (besides Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) installed on the printer. Specialty color is an optional feature on the EX-P 6 Print Server that gives you access to the specialty colors. Either White Dry Ink or Clear Dry Ink can be installed on the printer. The EX-P 6 Print Server treats White or Clear Dry Ink as a specialty color. With specialty colors, the EX-P 6 Print Server can print specialty color in areas of a page
designated as a special spot color. Note: Specialty colors cannot be used as process colors. Specialty colors are used only as spot colors or color layers.
Does that mean that a job that use specialty colors cannot have more than this number of sheets?