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Thread: Printer properties takes 1 minute to open on Xerox Color 560

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    Smile Printer properties takes 1 minute to open on Xerox Color 560

    We have just installed a Xerox Color 560 to replace a Docucolor 240. We still have a Docucolor 240 on our network. When I print to the 560, it prints to it faster than to the 240. But if I try to open the "Printer Properties" to make any changes (i.e. duplex, paper feed tray, etc.), the fiery to the 240 opens in 2 seconds. The Fiery to the 560 will take 1 minute 5 seconds to open, and when I close it, it takes 20 seconds for it to close. On Command workstation, the "options/Packages" has "Fiery Connectivity with Freeflow" on the 560, but nothing on the 240. I really need to get it fixed, as it is very frustrating to make changes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    For those that might have the same issue.
    The "port" selection should be set as "Standard TCP/IP Port" and the IP address should be the IP address for the copier. Also, if you enable two way communication, change the printer IP address to the IP address of the copier.
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