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    Question Incomplete JobLog

    Hi folks,

    when I try to export the complete joblog on a Fiery server (QX100-20), job log tool only shows 15.000 entries in spite the fact there are more than 140.000. Any idea or suggestion will be very grateful

    Thanks in advance

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    What do you mean by the job log tool?
    Do you mean within Command Workstation, or are you using the separate windows job log tool to extract the log?

    I recommend you try the most recent version of Command Workstation (CWS) your server supports, e.g for System 10 and newer servers try CWS 6.2, and for System 9 R2 and older then CWS 5.8. These are available on our download site

    Within CWS open the server menu select Job log, and then export the entire log to file.

    If you need more help let us know your printer model - we can�t tell your exact model by the hardware platform name alone (QX-100).

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