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Thread: FCP Calibrator Does not bring Properties Dialog?

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    Default FCP Calibrator Does not bring up Properties Dialog?

    This is causing a real problem. Not bringing up the Properties Dialog now where I can not choose the number of copies different paper and size if needed to. Now If I am lucky I will have the wrong size paper loaded and can cancel the job in CWS and then edit the properties from there and and choose number of copies and sheets size to match what I have loaded. But I donít even have number of copies option as it is now.

    Why was this changed. This behavior was why I never used CWS to calibrate as it was so much easier to calibrate from FCP. Now you have made it a lot more difficult by removing the properties dialog coming up when I am calibrating from 5.1.028. Why, or did I miss a setting that has changed somewhere? If starting Fiery Measure it will bring up the properties dialog,

    Another irritation I found is that it does not remember the Instrument. Is there any downside to going back FCPS until this mess is fixed?

    Running CWS v6.3.0.152 SP1 and FCPS on WIn10 Fiery DFE.

    Running CWS v6.3.0.152 SP1 and FCPS on Mac OS 10.13.6 does not have this problem and brings up the Properties dialog just fine, AND remembers the instrument.
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