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Thread: CWS upgrade on external server itself?

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    Default CWS upgrade on external server itself?

    If you have an external server that you can upgrade CWS on, is there a procedure on this. I have seen issues when people try to update on the server and download a newer version and can't install it then get stuck in a loop trying to install. Let's say the server has 5.8 and they try to install 6.3. Only thing I've seen fix this is installing the CWS that came on the original install user discs which I believe says user software.

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    First of all, please check if your Fiery server model is compatible with CWS6.

    Click on 'supported printers' tab.

    Or you can post here which server model/version you have, and if you have the User Software disks for your server (they are only needed if the upgrade experiences a problem).

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