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Thread: New Fiery 6.3??

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    Default New Fiery 6.3??

    I have an older copier (RicohPro C550ex) with an E-8100 Fiery rip
    I also have a newer (MP C6502) with a E22B Fiery Rip

    will the new Workstation 6.3 work with both of my machines and rips?

    I would hate to upgrade and find out that my older machine stops working

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi JerryJoz,

    The E-8100 Fiery is System 8r2. Command WorkStation 6 is compatible with System 10 and higher, so it will not be compatible with the older Fiery. The latest version of Command WorkStation that is compatible with the E-8100 is version 5.8 which is available on our download site at http://www.efi.com/support-and-downl...-registration/. In the Application Software and Tools section, select Fiery Extended Applications.

    This package can be installed on a client workstation that will connect to the Fiery. It cannot be installed directly on the Fiery.

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