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Thread: Two networks, one printer; IPP?

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    Default Two networks, one printer; IPP?

    I'm in an office that is sharing a printer/copier between two companies. Each company has their own network and ISP.

    We'd like to give the other company access to printing (they currently only use it as a copier), but without merging the networks into one.

    I wondered if this might be possible using Webtools and IPP? i.e. printing over the net.

    What do I need to do to facilitate this? Currently our fiery is on our local subnet with an internal IP ( Can I use port forwarding? Or does it need it's own external IP or domain name?

    I've also seen this note throughout all the documentation I read: "For information about setting up user computers to use IPP printing, see Printing. These documents are part of the user documentation set." ...but I can't find this anywhere. Where would I find the "user documentation set" online?

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    If you let us know the model and version of your Fiery server, we can send you the user documentation PDFs.

    Can people on the other network ping anything on your network?

    For security purposes I wouldn't recommend putting a Fiery server live on the internet. It would be a sitting duck for hackers, viruses, etc.

    What would be ideal is a computer/server that acts as a gateway between the two networks, and has two network cards. This computer could print directly to the Fiery server, and share that printer to both networks. Is that an option? A cheapo computer will do...

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