I am finding that the EX180 becomes unusable whilst windows is downloading, installing or even just checking for updates. Everything lags, the Fiery stops responding and printing keeps pausing, until the updates complete. The problem is that this can continue for several hours until the update completes.

This is on a new server which we've had for 3 weeks. It has all Fiery patches and updates installed. From looking at the Task Manager, the slowdown is a result of heavy virtual memory usage (disk thrashing), due to the EX180 only having 4Gb RAM. The Windows 10 updates process uses a lot of memory which is a problem as the OS and Fiery software is already using a large proportion of it.

Is there a solution? I was quite shocked the EX180 only has 4Gb RAM and is inadequate, and I'm guessing 8Gb would resolve the issue?