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Thread: Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3 is available

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    Default Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3 is available

    Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3 package is available

    We are pleased to announce the new Command WorkStation 6.3 Package is now available for download.

    Command WorkStation 6.3 is a 64-bit only package, and can only be installed on 64-bit operating systems. MacOS 10.11 and later are already 64-bit versions; most Windows 7 and later installations are also 64-bit. Windows 32-bit operating systems will not support Command WorkStation 6.3.

    Command WorkStation 6.3 Package includes:
    • Full 64-bit support
    • Full HiDPI (high pixel density) monitor support
    • Apps & Resources' link to EFI Smart Support
    • Export current view

      JobMaster bring these improvements:
    • Scan Import supports Windows WIA and macOS ICA scanning protocols
    • Reduced file size for jobs with duplicated pages

      JobFlow 2.5 brings these improvements
    • Collect Exact Match
    • Fiery XF step & repeat and nesting
    • Master Variables
    • EFI Digital Storefront support
    Please note: because Command WorkStation 6.3 only supports JobFlow 2.5, you must update your JobFlow version to 2.5 when you upgrade to Command WorkStation 6.3.

    For additional details about what is new in this release, and the supported platforms, see


    Please note that while the website pages and on-line help are in English only until we finishing rolling this out worldwide over the next month, the software application is available in all languages. Your Fiery Software Manager utility, installed with previous versions of Command WorkStation, will notify you when it is available in your region. The Command WorkStation 6.3 software can also be downloaded directly from the Download Center.

    Supported Fiery servers

    Please note Command WorkStation 6 only supports connectivity to System 10 and later Fiery servers, and does not support connectivity to Fiery servers running System 9 Release 2 or earlier versions or Fiery Central servers. We have a full list of supported print servers available at

    More questions?

    Help for Command WorkStation 6 is available from the Command Workstation help menu, and from Visit to access free on-demand learning resources to get clear explanations of what is new.

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    Default Updated Windows Package now posted


    We have released an updated version of the Windows Fiery Command Workstation 6.3SP1 package, to solve an error where Fiery Software Manager does not detect the KB2999226 Windows update, and erroneously states that the update still needs to be applied.

    If you are currently experiencing this issue, please quit Fiery Software Manager from the systray,
    and download/install the new package from our download site.

    Note: This package still requires the KB2999226 update to be installed first, but now it detects it correctly. That update is years old, so most Windows computers will have it already.

    I have listed all the relevant info in the attached Tech note, let me know if any questions.
    TS Tech Note FSM does not detect KB2999226 Windows update.pdf

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone

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    Default CWS Package 6.3.199 fails to install/update

    Noticed there was a CWS and Fiery Scan update earlier today. The Fiery Scan update went fine, but the 6.3.199 Command Workstation Package fails to install on our two Window 10 Pro PCs (running latest Microsoft updates), but did install ok on the EX180 Fiery. No error message is given, apart from a window that pops up showing command line arguments required for MSI installer, which makes it look like incorrect arguments were given.

    Fiery Software Manager then gets stuck on "Installation has failed. Cleaning up the system now..." which never completes. After a reboot it still failed, but fortunately it had not removed the old version so that still works as before.

    Have also tried downloading the package from the website, and updating/installing manually, but that fails also.

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