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Thread: Preflights stopped working

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    Default Preflights stopped working

    For an unknown reason yet, my preflight profiles to check a pdf for its size and route to the appropriate imposition has stopped working. Not sure yet as I have gone to a back up and restore without success.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    On a similar note, it has me thinking of how to route pdf's by size better than I'm currently doing with preflight profiles that if they pass they go to the imposition associated to the size and if it fails it continues to the next profile.

    Any thoughts on how to better accomplish this as I'm currently up to about 35 preflight profiles and counting.

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    Do the workflows fail with an error or the preflight doesn't kick in? Afraid we need more details to help you more efficiently. Feel free to contact me directly so we can get this resolved. Thanks
    Hans Sep, product manager Fiery JobFlow

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