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Thread: Mailboxes/Fiery Templates broken on EX C70

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    Default Mailboxes/Fiery Templates broken on EX C70

    I am working on a new (used) C70 It doesnt display the Fiery templates in the network scan tab, just a default template. The Fiery templates show in the scan tab on the Fiery button on the UI. They show in Webtools scan tab. If I create a new group/users with mailbox priv. then try and make a new scan template the mailboxes arent created. Everything else is functioning, printing wise.
    I thought maybe the mailboxes were corrupt like used to happen on the 242 Fierys. I reinstalled the system software and let auto update run all the patches and windows update as well.
    The EX shows Version 1.0_SP3
    on the back it is PRO-80-29
    R4A 105945
    Machine software is at 60.12.53
    I suspect this machine was used in a .EDU environment before I got it and they probably used a different scanning work flow and messed up the Fiery defaults?
    Any help greatly appreciated. I am in a rural area without Xerox service plan.
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