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Thread: Jobs get stuck in Held Queue

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    Default Jobs get stuck in Held Queue

    Hi - I'm pretty new to managing the Command Workstation so I'm sorry if this is an obvious question.

    Command Workstation
    Sharp MX 7580 (MX-PE12-351F)

    Jobs are sent to the Print Queue. If there is a paper mismatch (as an example), it gets moved to the Held Queue and the person printing does not correct this, the jobs behind it get stuck. I looked at server configuration which shows under Job Management �> Job Mismatch that "Enable Job Mismatch" is checked, the Mismatch Action is set to "Cancel" after 5 minutes with "Cancel job processing after time out expires" checked.

    With these settings, shouldn't the job just cancel and the other jobs behind it start printing again?

    It is a standard Fiery setup, not much customizing beyond the standard settings. We do print through the Papercut server which is using the correct Fiery drivers for the Sharp.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Michelle,

    Can you please supply some more information:
    I can see you are running an old version of Command Workstation. Its now version
    Also, has your PE12 Fiery got all of the latest patches and updates installed. Also, are you running Service Pack 1?
    Print out the Server Configuration pages and check that your version is 1.0_SP1 and you have all of the patches installed. On the last page it lists what has been installed. From memory there are about 6 or 7 updates on that Fiery.

    Under Advanced Job Management, change your settings to 'Force Print'. You may need to enable this feature first. If the paper attributes of the job do not match what is in the printer, the user can force the job to print using whats currently loaded in the printer, regardless of the jobs status in the Print queue. Be careful though, as most media in the trays will now be used to print the mismatched jobs automatically.

    Also, try change the setting to Suspend on Mismatch. I've seen jobs that don't have errors continue to process and print with this setting.
    What you've described though should have worked, that's why I'm hoping you can get the updates and Service Pack installed which will help greatly.

    PS. Good machine!!

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