Hi - I'm pretty new to managing the Command Workstation so I'm sorry if this is an obvious question.

Command Workstation
Sharp MX 7580 (MX-PE12-351F)

Jobs are sent to the Print Queue. If there is a paper mismatch (as an example), it gets moved to the Held Queue and the person printing does not correct this, the jobs behind it get stuck. I looked at server configuration which shows under Job Management �> Job Mismatch that "Enable Job Mismatch" is checked, the Mismatch Action is set to "Cancel" after 5 minutes with "Cancel job processing after time out expires" checked.

With these settings, shouldn't the job just cancel and the other jobs behind it start printing again?

It is a standard Fiery setup, not much customizing beyond the standard settings. We do print through the Papercut server which is using the correct Fiery drivers for the Sharp.

Thanks in advance!