Good afternoon,

I had a question. I recently attended a Fiery class and the instructor had said to us that when print jobs are rasterized, they show up bright yellow, those rasterized jobs are sitting in memory. He said that if we have 4 gigabytes of memory (ram) and I have 100 jobs rasterized, that could potentially slow my overall machine process because instead of using 4 gigabytes of memory, my computer is now using 2 because I have 2 gigs of rasterized jobs.

I also have discussed this without another SE and they have told me that rasterized jobs to not sit in the memory and are actually sitting on hard drive space so as long as I have sufficient hard drive space, this should not be a problem if I have 300 rasterized jobs, as long as I have the hard drive space.

Who is right? Please let me know, thank you in advance.