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Thread: KM C1085 / Fiery Rip Communications

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    Default KM C1085 / IC-308H - V2.1_Sp2 Fiery Rip Communications

    Hi Everyone,
    I thought I might start this thread up again about my KM C1085 and my Fiery Rip. If you can remember we had problems and that I came on this forum and asked about. Then after all the components in my original Fiery Rip were replaced except the outside Fiery Steel Box case.
    Then the decision was made to supply a brand new Fiery Rip with FS150Pro and Fiery IC-308 v2.0 Upgrade were supplied and has been in use since the changeover.
    Everything was fine for a fair while only with intermittent Communication Errors but these have slowly escalated up to it happening every week now.
    So the original problem still happens every week. Its either the Fiery loses contact with C1085 or the C1085 loses contact with the Fiery.
    To regain communications between the 2 devices can take up 30 minutes.
    I did hear that this type of problem has only ever happened in 2 Fiery/KM machines in Australia and ours is one of them.
    Today there was no Error Code or warning that communication had failed, usually there is a message "Unable to connect to (C1085). The server name or IP address may be invalid" and this happens usually part way through a print run, or like today there was no error message we had to suss out what had happened which was loss of communication again.
    The pic below shows the C1085 Ready to print and the other pic shows the Fiery with one job in the print Queue waiting. There are no error messages, both machines will sit all day like this if we leave them.

    Also another problem which I think linked to the above problem is once the Communication between the 2 devices happens or occurs there is a lag in speed the Fiery generates the image for the monitor, this usually starts with the spinning blue lifesaver cursor and a blank screen followed by the slow build of the screen image starting with structure of the page i.e. the lines, rules etc then we finally get full screen image ready to use.

    I've added a couple pics, one of the screen image rebooting slowly and one of the ip address and capacity left on drive.

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