Hi there,

I have to print certificates with variable data on them, the usual stuff ie: name, address etc.... except each certificate also has a signature printed on them.

I have saved the signatures as B&W tif files and placed them in position with a transparent background using Indesign, I then generated a pdf containing the variable elements (including these signatures).

I have created a master pdf with my background imagery and registered this on to the system and have linked my variable pdf (with the signatures) to this master.

Unfortunately, when the certs print the variable signature is placed on a white box rather than being transparent.

This isn't an issue when I output a composite pdf from Indesign or if I copy the signature from one pdf and paste it into the master using Acrobat.

It looks like the VDP freeform tool is not honouring the transparent background.

Does anyone know, are images with a transparent background compatible with the Freeform tool?

I've tried lots of different combinations of colour options ie: composite OP on/off etc.

I've also tried the "remove white ppt background also".

Has anyone any other ideas, a different file format for the signatures perhaps?

Thanks in advance.