So not sure what is going on with this server of ours. It is the E-43 (v1.3) hooked to a Ricoh 651ex. The controller we are using if it helps is CWS 5.8.

So I had the techs look at this problem as well as our IT guy and neither one can explain what is going on therefore they can't off much help other than reinstalling the Fiery software.

However I am posting because I am wondering if this can be resolved w/o reinstalling. When viewing the Event Viewer (W7), the problem comes down to the php_fiery.dll. Not knowing what this is actually trying to do it seems to be trying to perform some type of function and then causes the server to reboot. This is when printer is idle or while running. When the job is running and it does it it causes an "funtional error" event on the printer cp and once ready, asks for a restart.

I don't know if anybody knows what this dll is trying to do or does, but hoping someone from EFI would have something on this or possible fixes.

Thanks as always