I have an EX-i Fiery on a Xerox C70 that is communicating with the engine, prints out a startup page with IP address, and even prints jobs thru the Web Tools. But the Fiery icon and the PrintMe icons on the display fail to show up. The two EIP icons are visible, but will not change to the proper icons. LED goes thru a normal 2:30 sequence and ends up with 00 codes. Both switches are in the normal position (not ON). Tried exchanging hard drives, all cables between Fiery and engine (data and crossover). Exchanged interface card and memory module. I've seen other Fiery's that took several minutes to update the icons, but this one we have allowed it to sit overnight and still no icons. I did notice that the engine never displays the IP address that it should. Engine is set to default DHCP Autonet. Have rebooted and reloaded System software with no change.