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Thread: Xerox 550/Fiery EX560 Import Jobs Print OK but Not Over Network; Also Password Issue

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    Default Xerox 550/Fiery EX560 Import Jobs Print OK but Not Over Network; Also Password Issue

    I have a Xerox 550 driven by a Fiery EX560 with WinXP. Remotely, I have CSW 5.8 on a Win7 machine. At one time I was able to send jobs to the 550 directly from any application, e.g. InDesign or MS Word, just as I could with any other printer. Then at some point, perhaps six months ago, while I was doing something or other, I changed something so that I was no longer able to send files directly to the 550. According to my printer menu, the 550 is offline. My workaround has been to import (and print) jobs (1) to the Fiery either by putting them on a USB drive and physically taking them to the Fiery, or (2) through CWS 5.8 on a remote machine.

    The TCP/IP everywhere I can see one is except for the 550 which has an IPv4 of I tried to change that to match, but I can't log onto the 550. I have tried user names:
    with passwords:
    No combination works.

    I might have multiple issues here. How should I proceed?
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    There could be multiple things happening here, but let's start with the easiest.

    Your Fiery EX560 will have two network ports, and two IP addresses - the one listed as is an internal address used between the Fiery controller and the print engine.

    Then it has an external IP address which will be 192.168.0.something based on your comments below - this one you'll use to talk to it over the network from CWS and print drivers. To check this open Command Workstation on the remote machine where it's working, and open device center for the Fiery EX560. At the top should be it's external IP address.

    Once you have that IP address you can also go back to your Windows 7 computer and try making a new printer connection to the printer by selecting Start > Run and then entering \\IPaddresshere\
    (substitute actual Fiery IP address).

    You should see at least 3 default shared printers - print, hold and direct. Connect to print or hold by double clicking on them. Then you should be up and printing to that new printer connection.

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