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Thread: Fiery-EX server settings - Advanced System settings modified

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    Default Fiery-EX server settings - Advanced System settings modified


    I've had a few customers with Fiery EX-servers. They have almost all complained that the Fiery server slow down to nearly zero performance. This is not only ripping but also restarting (windows reboot), starting a teamviewer quicksupport, opening Adobe Acrobat and such.

    After some diagnosing i've found on 3 DFE's (Windows 8.1, Fiery-EX) that the 'virtual memory' was locked at 8192MB instead of the windows default 'system managed size'.

    Is this something Fiery does and if so, why?
    If not Fiery then I will try and chase local Xerox Technicians and ask them ...
    Because i'm quite confident that the customers (thoose i've been in contact with dosen't fiddle around in theese settings).

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    On the EX-P 3100 here the minimum is set for 8182MB and maximum is set for 20480MB. Yes it will be interesting to hear the EFI response to this question?

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