Hello All,

Having an odd issue w/our demo floor Fiery. When printing, we choose our paper catalog entry in properties and print.

When the job reaches the machine, we are forced to force the job even though the settings match exactly and we are using two way communication.
If we choose the paper catalog AND the corresponding tray the job print without issue.

IC-313 (up to date), CW 6.2, KM C6085

I deleted all catalog entries from both the engine and the Fiery. I then created one entry "11x17 Hammermill 28#" and tested. Same problem... if we just used the catalog the job sticks. If we choose the catalog AND the tray the job spits out fine.

I've set up plenty of customers using the paper catalog without issue. Am I missing something here?Name:  paper catalog hmmm.JPG
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