Hi there!

I was working with one of my clients on Windows 10, using Command WorkStation 6.2. They have several users in the office running CWS on same operating system, but this one particular user is not able to select properties for any of her jobs in the held or printed queue.

I did a little playing around, and found that when I "run as administrator," the program worked just fine. However, when clicking to open Command WorkStation as a normal computer user, I run into the issue. Their IT was nearby, and said that this particular person had the same permission rights as the rest of the office. IT will not allow the end user to "run as administrator," as they do not want to give her the password.

I peeked at the Command WorkStation properties (right-click on CWS, select properties), and her security grants full access for the software program.

Has anyone seen this before, or have any ideas of what may be causing this? Thank you in advance!