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Thread: CWS / Fiery XF: Printmode not supported?

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    Default CWS / Fiery XF: Printmode not supported?

    Although I'm quite sure it's not directly related to CWS but because it is now the official XF client, I try to ask here:

    In the past, I used XF to drive our HP DesignJets Z6200/6800 series in CT (CMYK) mode in order to have better control of the grey axis. But starting with XF7/CWS 6.3, every single print- or profiling job in CT mode fails with an "unsupported print mode" error. RGB works fine.

    Does anyone know what's going on here?
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    CWS 5.8 SP2, Windows 10 x64

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    I've forwarded this to our XF team...

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    Hey Oxident,

    Fiery Forums will eventually be replaced by communities. For now both sites are running in parallel. We do have a section to post questions on XF on communities, you can check it out here:

    Additionally, there are 1000+ technical articles on XF in the communities knowledgebase. I did a quick search for your error and didn't see anything, which usually means it hasn't been reported yet. But post your question and the XF team will look into it straight away.


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