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Thread: Fiery Hot Folders default folder location

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    Post Fiery Hot Folders default folder location

    Running the latest available version of Fiery Hot Folders ( for Windows I can't seem to find anywhere to change the default directory for newly created Hot Folders; it always reverts back to the desktop. This is an inconvenience for my customer that wants to put their Hot Folders on the e: partition of a Fiery for a Xerox ColorPress 1000i. Please let me know if I'm overlooking where this is done or if it is not possible currently. The only variable that I can find to configure is the Impose template location.


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    Hello JAvaritt,

    During creation of a new HotFolder you're being asked to specify the folder location of your HotFolder.
    Default is, indeed, the desktop, but you may select any location at this point.
    When done, it cannot be edited.

    In order to change the HotFolder location, you will have to go into your HotFolder console, duplicate your HotFolder, select a new location for your new HotFolder, and remove/delete the old when done.

    Hope this helps,

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