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Thread: CWS 6.2 will not install without removing Fiery XF Client

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    Exclamation CWS 6.2 will not install without removing Fiery XF Client

    I would like to upgrade to CWS 6.2 for the new thumbnail view but it will not let me because I have Fiery XF Client installed on the same Mac. I understand that eventually it will be awesome to have both wide format and sheetfed in one place and plan to evolve to that. However our Fiery XF is installed on a Mac and that is no longer supported so I have to switch my server over to PC and then update and etc. this is a major update/change that requires scheduling and interruption of workflow and is no small task.
    Why should I be locked out of the incremental update to CWS in the meantime? The Fiery XF 7 is not really even deployed yet. I am signed up for the first available webinar on XF 7 that is tomorrow... seems premature to lock CWS users out of updates at this point.
    How should I proceed?
    Attached is a screenshot of the error dialogue.
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    I'm sorry for the inconvenience but this operation is blocked for good reason, as they can't coexist.

    CWS 6.2 is the first version we've released that supports connecting to XF servers, from XF 7.0 onwards, in fact it replaces the previous XF desktop client software. The CWS 6.2 update is now not only compatible with XF, but also aware that it cannot co-exist with older versions of XF server on the same computer.

    There are some licensing related components that were not compatible, so if we didn't block the CWS installation on the same computer you would have ended up with a non-functioning XF server - not an ideal outcome, hence we blocked it at the installer level.

    The good news is we've resolved those compatibility issues with XF 7.0 version so it will happily co-exist with CWS 6.2 onwards.

    In the meantime is there another computer you could run CWS 6.2 on?
    Alternatively you could run it inside a VM, I use vmware fusion on my mac to run multiple OS at once.
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