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Thread: CWS6: Setup of multiple files, skips one file?

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    Default CWS6: Setup of multiple files, skips one file?

    I have run into a bug with CWS SP1
    Windows 10 Enterprise, 16GB RAM, 7th Gen i7

    Xerox Versant 2100
    Fiery FS100 Pro v10.1

    I copied 3 PDF files to our machine. Selected all three files, set paper + duplex + covers, clicked proof... Two of the files printed with all of the set-settings, one file printed with only the cover settings and printed everything else Simplex on the default paper.

    This is the second time this has happened, first time we couldn't determine/replicate the circumstances behind it.

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    Does it replicate with any PDF file, or is it file specific?
    When you say you set 'paper + duplex + covers' how did you do this? Import to Preset or VP, or import to hold then open JP for each file (or for all 3 at once) or other?

    Can you replicate on demand? If so, I'd recommend you create a Job Error Report and post a link to it here.

    To generate a Job Error Report:

    Windows - hold down CTRL while right clicking on a job
    Mac - hold down Command ⌘ while right clicking on a job

    Enter in any helpful information about how to replicate the problem, and click save to create the zip file.



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