I have an IC-414 bustled fiery controller on a KM C754e.

I print almost entirely PDF's and word documents, often in long batch runs. Some PDF's take a very long time to process. These are mostly poor quality scanned documents.

If I print them on a 300 Euro HP deskjet, they start printing almost immediately. Whereas printing them in CWS takes much longer sometimes 10 minutes of processing time.

We're not a print shop, and quality of image and accuracy of colour are not very important to us at all - speed and productivity are very important though.

Therefore, I would like to know if there are any recommendations for steps I can take to:

i) Change the configuration on the Fiery to make it as fast as possible at processing PDF's (possibly by disabling advanced colour features and making it as basic as possible (the quality and colour of a basic office MFC is sufficient for us).
ii) Make the PDF's easier for the Fiery to process.

I see Fiery is aimed at more of a specialist print environment where accuracy and colour calibration are key. For us we just want to be as fast and productive as possible and not have a ten minute wait between documents starting to print. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.