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Thread: Starting Up Problem CWS Version

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    Default Starting Up Problem CWS Version

    The CWS was not connecting so I shut it down completely and then turned it back on. It appears to be stuck in "Starting up..." mode. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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    Hi there,

    Could you provide us with a screenshot showing the issue? Or even a pic from your phone showing the error?
    Also we will need to know which version of Fiery server you have.

    I think you could either be seeing:
    The Fiery bar (up the top of the screen) on the Fiery FACI is showing 'starting up...please wait'. If this is the case then your Fiery is having trouble booting, and if a restart doesn't fix it, you could try running the clearserver.bat file - but it's going to delete all your jobs and job log. So best not to do that until we're really sure that's needed, and is the correct problem at hand.

    CWS application won't open (and the Fiery is fine), in which case you could just clear the preferences of the application so it starts up fresh.

    Let us know and we can advise from there,


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