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Thread: CWS not respecting gray pages

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    Default CWS not respecting gray pages


    I have a flyer to print. Front page CMYK and the back page grayscale.

    When I run the job through CWS 6.1 the grayscale page prints out in CMYK "gray". How do I get CWS to respect that the page is in grayscale?



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    Does your input CMYK profile match the working CMYK profile that the grayscale page was created in?

    And is "Print CMYK gray using black only;" set to "Text/Graphic/Images"?

    What does Output Preview in Acrobat tell you about the the grayscale page?

    Are there printer targets on the page other than in grayscale?

    If you can access image viewer by right clicking on your file in CWS. It will show you what other colors are being rendered if you uncheck black.

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