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Thread: Problem with Workflow to create booklets on Konica 3070 with IC417 rip ver2

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    Default Problem with Workflow to create booklets on Konica 3070 with IC417 rip ver2

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Machine (konica C3070) IC417 Rip with ver 2 software

    Problem when creating a booklet workflow which has a different media for the cover.

    Created imposition in impose and ticked cover, but only selected both sides option. Saved as a preset in impose. Opened preferences for job selected media from paper catalogue (100gsm) Then went to layout and selected impose and my preset template. Then edit and selected cover where i then selected the media (200gsm) from my paper catalogue.

    Went back to media. Mixed media settings showed the cover stock.....All is well. I then selected relevant finishing options and saved the whole thing as a server preset so I can access as a workflow.
    The job prints correctly the first time I use the workflow, but if I select a different quantity it doesn't print correctly and loses the cover settings.

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    Default Similar issue with IC-417 v1.2

    It will randomly staple two booklets together, output as a flat sheet or skip the cover.
    This only happens on booklets with a cover. SD-506 finisher on a C-2070
    KM SSD ticket #REQ000000275929
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