Recently we have been encountering a number of issues related to Windows 10 updates performing downloads and updates during production runs. In many of these cases it slows the Fiery down to a crawl to the point where end-users are unable to meet their deadlines. In some cases we’ve had operators do forced reboots to terminate the update process, which then resulted in corrupting system software and eventually leading to requiring a software reload.

During these slowdowns, we’ve had reports of CPU usage going over 100% (which I didn’t know was even possible) and hard drive usage being max’d out during the process. Then as soon as the update completes, it was as if nothing ever happened.

With Windows 10, it appears as if Microsoft has eliminated many of the controls and settings related to updates. Another issue related to Windows 10 is that after disabling Windows Firewall and Windows Defender, it somehow re-enables Firewall and Defender without user intervention. Granted, none of these issues are necessarily EFI-induced however, it does give the appearance of the Fiery being at fault.

That being said, do you have an "official" recommendation on how Windows 10 should be configured on the Fiery Servers out there, to reduce or eliminate these issues?