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Thread: Can CPS use the ILS of the Xerox Versant 180 with Performance Package?

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    Default Can CPS use the ILS of the Xerox Versant 180 with Performance Package?


    Planning to drive a Xerox Versant 180 (w/ Performance Package) with the EX 180 Print Server
    Powered by Fiery. The Versant 180 with the Performance Package comes with an ILS.

    Can the CPS use this device for calibration and media profiling?

    Thanks in advance,

    Refik Telhan

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    Hi Refik,

    Standalone CPS application does not support the ILS configuration of Versant 180, but if you have a licensed CPS installed on the same client as Command Workstation, then, you can create calibration and profiling in one workflow through CWS calibrator.

    Go to Command Workstation > Device Center > General Tab > Tools
    Select Calibrator Preferences (Preferences)
    Select the instrument as ILS for both Calibration and profiling and save settings
    Now Select Manage Calibration option
    In the Manage calibration window Select the "Create New" button
    Create New calibration set using the ILS device.
    Once the calibration set is created at the finish screen you will see "Create New profile" button
    Select the button and follow steps to create Profile using ILS.

    Please note: Make sure to have sufficient Media loaded in the tray, this workflow has to be completed without interruptions otherwise you may have to start over.


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