EFI is excited to announce our new customer engagement platform, EFI Communities.


Everything you can do in Fiery Forums, you can now do in EFI Communities. In fact, EFI Communities also offers several great features unavailable in Fiery Forums. Here are just a few:
  • A searchable knowledge base of technical articles created by the Fiery Technical Support team, for solutions to common or known issues
  • The ability to “follow” topics that interest you, or specific areas of focus
  • A personalized “feed” which is created dynamically based off of your activities
  • The ability to select the “best” answer from multiple provided solutions. This treats the feedback as a confirmed solution, easily identifiable by others
  • New design which is compatible with mobile devices.

EFI Communities is now live, and discussions on Fiery topics are already happening. EFI communities is a new site, and your Fiery Forum username and password is not compatible. Registration is quick and easy, so we thank you in advance for created a new account at EFI Communities.

EFI Communities will eventually replace Fiery Forums, and we look forward to your interest and contribution.