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Thread: FreeForm/FusionPro/general VDP Question

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    Default FreeForm/FusionPro/general VDP Question

    First off hello everyone. I just joined up but I have lurked on here for a while and have been able to answer quite of few questions by doing so.

    My issue: Customer uses FusionPro for their VDP workflow. They use it to create PDF's which are then put in CW6, ripped and printed.
    They are unhappy with how long the processing/printing time monopolizes their machine.
    I did some follow-up w/FusionPro and they suggested the customer use PPML in lieu of PDF for a much faster Rip.
    I also found a thread on here that dealt with a slightly different problem but also suggested PPML.

    Anyone on here have some experience w/FusionPro?
    I'm simply trying to ascertain what the quickest workflow would be for our customer, whether that be:
    - Customer continues to use FusionPro, but submits jobs as PPML (most likely scenario, I assume).
    - Customer combines FusionPro w/VDP functions available in their Fiery.

    Our customer is comfortable and happy with FusionPro, so I don't think I want to steer them in a new direction like FreeForm. They just need the file(s) FushionPro creates to rip WAY faster.

    Just picking the brains of those with more experience than I. Appreciate any insight.

    Muchos gracias,


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    You don't say what type of Fiery your customer has, which will determine both the speed of processing VDP, as well as the formats supported. In my experience (recently KM connected devices) with an embedded Fiery your customer will be limited to PDF processing, PPML will not be supported. External Fiery's generally support VDP formats (PPML, VPS etc). Additionally the embedded RIP will generally process the PDF as if it is a flat PDF even if it is a PDF/VT. So not only do the external Fiery's have more robust hardware to process faster, they will better leverage the available format options for FusionPro. Its been a while since I used FusionPro, but I remember there were several output options even within some of the format choices. The devil is in the details and its been too long since I have used FusionPro to be of use in directing you on what the best choices are.

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    Thank you for the response. I appreciate you taking the time. Since my main contact is out on vacation I do not know (yet) what exact model Fiery they are using, but it is safe to say that their Fiery is not embedded. As I am able to gather more information I will share it.

    Thanks again.

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