I'm looking for a way to utilize Airprint provided by the EX-i Fiery on a C60 when the machine has Xerox Standard Accounting enabled. Everything that I have tried always results in the job being canceled in the print queue with the description "no relevant account". I contacted Xerox 2nd level support after following our companies internal escalation process and they suggested that I post on this forum. Our customer previously had a Workcentre 7970i, no Fiery, and that machine allowed us to set exceptions for Airprint. They don't care about accounting for this low volume of mobile prints they just want to be able to do it. All of the details about the config and what I've tried are below.

- Fiery is EX-i Version 2.1 with all of the latest patches installed.
- C60 has the latest Xerox SPAR system software
- I entered their code in the XSA section of Configure that controls printing of start sheets and that didn't help.
- I entered a code in the "Account ID" field that shows in Airprint and when I check job properties of the canceled job that code does not seem to get entered into any field when the job arrives.

It's worth noting that the preview of the job in Airprint on the phone shows in black and white but prints in color once I edit the job properties of a canceled job to add the Xerox Standard Accounting account. That doesn't matter to us if we can make it print.