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Thread: Problem implementing Set Page Device on FS150

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    Default Problem implementing Set Page Device on FS150

    Hi guys.

    Just wondering if anyone can assist.

    I'm trying to implement Set Page Device on a file printed from Printshop mailer.

    The job has 2 pages, with 1st page set to pick letterhead paper and the 2nd page set to choose plain (normal).

    I'm then going into job properties and remapping the paper to 2 different papers from the paper catalogue using the Set Page Device options on the media tab.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work and the machine still asks for the original letterhead and plain paper.

    I'm using the E-43A PS driver to create the file, I've downloaded this driver from the web page of the Fiery RIP.

    Can anyone see where I might be going wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried running Postflight on the job, to see which SPD commands show up?

    Select the job in the hold queue, right click and select Preflight. You can use the default settings and click OK. In the Preflight report under additional info it will show any SPD commands detected. Example below. Please post your preflight results, and also a screenshot of the mapping settings you entered in the Set Page Device options.

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