I have a job for a book that is set up in 11x17 printers spreads. The cover is color and the guts are black and white. I ran the covers and loaded them into my Ricoh 8120 SE with the paper settings of "Pre-printed" "11x17" and "Paper Weight 5 (163-220)" which are reflected in the mixed media portion of the media tab. I just want the machine to insert the cover as my "slip sheet", something I've done before plenty of times. When I send a test print, it is printing the guts the wrong orientation, as if I had 11x17 loaded as LEF which isn't possible with this machine. I've tried to set a number of different parameters for my cover sheet, all with the same results. If I keep all the settings, and delete the mixed media settings, it prints the guts perfect. I thought about just using the slip sheet setting to feed the covers, but Fiery is trying to make me unselect duplexing and make my media type as transparency which will result in the job being printed wrong again.