I am looking for a bit of help with a new install of a 3100 with external fiery;

3100 brand new
EX fiery fs200 pro (all patches)
All add ons enabled (compose, impose, etc)
All windows updates
CWS 5.8

Issue appears when attempting to alter a Pantone (1375c in my testing but it makes no difference as none work) the spot color library will accept the change, And I can verify it by printing the neighbor pattern. However when it comes time to print the document, the color does not alter.

I have verified that spot color matching is on in the properties and have verified that the document does contain a Pantone call out. The other thing I checked was taking the document to our demo room and walking through the same steps on out 180 external. When testing on the demo floor machine I have 0 issues with the Pantone pulling the newly “corrected” color