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Thread: Can't reinstall cws 5.8 because 6 did't correctly uninstalled

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    Default Can't reinstall cws 5.8 because 6 did't correctly uninstalled

    I want the 5.8 version of cws back on my Mac OS 10.13 (high sierra). So I used the deinstall program from Fiery an deinstall it. But when I try to install the 5.8 it tells me, that already is a new version of fiery on this Mac. so I can't install the old one an neither can use the new one. I have no idea what to do.
    pleas help

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    I believe that you have installed Fiery Command workstation 6.1.
    I suspect that the Fiery Software Uninstaller version used for uninstalling the CWS 6.1 package is wrong. Could you please try the following?
    Install CWS 6.1 again.
    uninstall CWS 6.1 using any one of the following way
    launch Fiery Software Uninstaller from /Applications/Fiery Software (Version should be or above)
    launch Fiery Software Manager from Menu bar (A Fiery icon in the menubar) and on mouse hovering "Fiery Command Command Workstation Package", a bin icon will be displayed. Using this you can uninstall the package.
    Then try to install CWS 5.8 again.
    If it did not work, please let me know.


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