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Thread: Imposing Self-Cover Booklet Preset

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    Default Imposing Self-Cover Booklet Preset

    In my office we create various page count 8-1/2 x 11 booklets that we print on 17 x 11 center fold and staple. They are self cover. We are running CWS 5.8.

    What I'm running into is that I need to have three presets definded, Multiple of 4, 1 blank page in back, and two/three blank pages in back.

    I would rather have a single preset for these booklets so it is not so complicate to print it will add blank pages to the back of the booklet as needed. My non-Fiery print driver for our old copier does this automatically, but this one is going out of service.

    I made a imposition that works great when I drag and drop on to CWS, but when I use the this a preset from Acrobat, File and Print, it will not print out properly. I get one page centered on 11 x 17 and then it fold in half and staples.

    Any way I can make a predefined setting that I can share through my print service thoughout my company that works?


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    Hi Woodduckmn,

    Have you tried setting this up directly within Job Properties? Job Properties->Layout->Booklet (instead of Impose)

    Or is there some reason why you need to use Impose?


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