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Thread: Files duplicated to printed queue on process & hold

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    Default Files duplicated to printed queue on process & hold

    Any time a file in the held queue is processed, a duplicate of the file ends up in the printed queue. It does not matter how the file is brought in, with preset or not, process and hold creates a duplicate.


    CWS 6 with Xerox 1000i

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    Backup your cws settings and imposition templates (my documents\impose)

    You'll need to have service reinstall Fiery.

    Once that is done, do yourself a favor...
    Apply all windows patches.
    Apply one by one the fiery patches, rebooting between each (if its a security patch it'll reboot twice so give it time for that one).
    Install Chrome or Firefox.
    Don't install anything Adobe.
    Ensure the tech has installed Acrobat and PitStop and activate your impose license.
    Once you have it all neat and perfect, make a clone!
    Get yourself a usb key thats 32 gigs.
    Place a service call and tell the tech to clone the system unto the usb key.
    Or, do the clone yourself. You'll need the usb prep tool from efi downloads and the black cd 1 that installs the fiery.
    once you boot with that cd in you'll have prompts to create a clone.

    Next time you're in trouble, you'll be fine after 30 minutes instead of hours or days!!!

    PS: Or, just get the Iridesse That one has an auto backup feature...

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