Hi guys, i'm a Fiery and pro printers engineer for a company in Italy.
Today i'm facing a problem i've never seen.

I have a customer with a E41-A (system 9 rel2) version 1.3 (Windows 7 x64, not Windows XP).
Yesterday i replaced the Fiery motherboard, due to a BIOS problem, with a used one (not new) because the customer needed to print.
The used mb was taken off a old E41-A version 1.2 (Windows XP) because i had no other quick solutions.

Fiery computer starts fine but:
  • every files stall at ripping process (see attached)
  • top Fiery bar shows always "ready" though printers is off (it should say "check cable..")

Today i reinstalled original System completely (without any upgrade or patch) but now i got the same problem!

It is very strange because no errors are shown and logs seem correct.
I also replaced Fiery-printer cable and tested Fiery on another same printer with no success.

Ok, i will order a new mainboard, but what could i do quickly?
There's a way to "authorize" the replaced mainboard?
Thanks for help!

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