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Thread: CWS 5.8 on Windows 10 has tiny fonts/images

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    Default CWS 5.8 on Windows 10 has tiny fonts/images

    I saw a related thread dealing with the print driver with no resolution, didn't know if anybody else has ran into this.

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    Yes we've seen this on ultra high resolution displays, e.g. a surface pro or similar device.

    These devices use an ultra high resolution display, and in order to make text readable they then scale the fonts to a larger size, separately to all other elements. It is this font scaling that makes the Fiery Command Workstation look odd on these displays.

    The workaround is to turn the font scaling off in the windows control panel, set the fonts to display at 100%. Then you will see Command WorkStation and Fiery Driver appear normal like regular Windows. You may have to adjust the overall screen resolution to make the display readable.

    We are investigating if we can add support for these displays in a future release.

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